A casting, role to prepare ?

Some screen tests/casting calls demand more preparation than others, perhaps due to the scale of the project, the difficulty of the role or because it’s your first one in a while.

Private acting coaching will help you:

  • put together or try out (depending on your work before the session) a pitch, making improvements and additions if necessary
  • check that you can interact with other actors
  • make sure that you bring who you are and what you do to the character
  • put all that to the test with some challenging direction
  • remain available to work with the casting director and meet his/her requirements fast

The best time to see us?

  • On receiving the script: the work starts with the script reading. Invaluable for important roles
  • A few days before the screen tests (maximum three or four days)
  • An hour before the screen tests: ideal for ‘warming up’

Sessions with Christophe in our offices (ideally), by Skype or at an agreed location. If you’ve worked with Christophe before, this could be done by phone (to be discussed with him).

NB: sessions in thirty-minute blocks, depending on the role and your requirements.

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