Acting for the camera

Group of six to ten maximum.

Using various exercises and simulations to research and rehearse your approach to set texts, this masterclass led by Christophe Averlan, Médiane’s acting coach, writer and director, will help you

  • Find your own voice whilst staying true to the text
  • Explore your emotions
  • Stay in the moment
  • Build a rapport with other actors
  • Emphasize your individuality and be yourself
  • Let the character “come to you” (and not the other way around)
  • Take risks and try new things to overcome your limitations
  • Look inward, or make your outward expression subtler for the camera
  • Explore registers

Christophe Averlan’s masterclasses are unique in structure: you will be constantly searching, questioning, trying and retrying in the sole aim of finding or exploring the actor/artist you are at any stage of your career.

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