An actor’s proposition’s strength (12 days)

A course led by Christophe Averlan
Course open to French- or English-speaking actors.

As European co-productions are increasingly being used to finance films, actors are increasingly working outside their home industry. Different worlds are uniting, with artists interacting, collaborating and engaging as they convey not only who they are, but also their country’s culture and Europe’s rich diversity. The productions are rewriting the rule book with their financing, technical teams and artistic distribution.

Since 1999, we’ve worked with actors in France, Belgium, Luxembourg, the UK and US to develop their relationships with directors, casting directors and producers through personal support and/or work on acting for the camera.

Developed for groups of twelve, the Compelling acting choices course led by acting coach, screenwriter, director and writer Christophe Averlan aims to give participants a forum for research and specific camera work using a specially written script. It may be shot in two or three languages depending on the actors, who can demonstrate their non-mother tongue acting skills. The aim is also, and more importantly, to promote them to industry professionals in Europe via a short ensemble film lasting twenty to thirty minutes.

Shot on location with a team comprising a director of photography/camera operator with three assistants (best boy/stagehand), sound technician, sound engineer, director, assistant director and production manager.

Days 1 to 3 / 10:00–18:00: Christophe Averlan has the actors work on set dialogues or monologues. The footage is watched back regularly to work on what the camera picks up and what’s unique to each actor (identity as an actor, comfort zone and limitations to overcome).

Days 4 & 5 / 10:00–18:00: Table read of the script specifically written for the course. Rehearsals and first performances reflecting each participant’s individual skill set.

Day 6 / 09:00–19:00: Rehearsal in various locations, directed by Christophe Averlan.

Days 7 to 12 / 09:00–19:00: The script is shot with all the actors present daily from 9:00 to 19:00.

After the course
The short film is edited, colour graded, audio mixed and subtitled. It may be screened and the actors will receive a digital copy.

Registration requirements:
Candidates should provide photos and CVs and attach their demo reel and the scene they will be asked to prepare and record as a self-tape by WeTransfer

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