Attending professional events whether or not you’re performing

You’re not very sociable, you don’t enjoy hobnobbing, you have nothing to say to your contacts… OK, so stay at home and read a good book, look forward to the parent-teacher meeting, all of which are far more interesting, and wait for them to come and get you… But we’re not sure that that will work very well or for long… so put aside your preconceived ideas and overcome your fears…. there’s nothing like preparing to help you feel confident to do something — improvisation isn’t for everyone!
Given the large amount of information in this module, it’s divided into two conferences (please also see Attending professional events, the specific case of festivals).

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Everyone in the industry: actors, directors, producers, writers, screenwriters, etc.


You can join this web conference from a PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone or Android device.
Internet connection required.


  • To better understand the point of attending industry events: regaining interest in your colleagues’ work and your own sphere
  • To choose the events to take part in or attend
  • To be prepared to attend industry events


  • What industry events are we talking about? Flocking to them all? How can you choose? We take a look at all these incredible opportunities to see and be seen!
  • You might be performing or not, a special guest or not, directly or indirectly involved… There’s always a good reason to go and come back feeling glad you went.
  • How can you expand or maintain your network onsite? How do you meet the important people you’ve identified? That’s all part of preparing for the event and will be examined in detail.
  • Follow up on the event or not? What to do in various scenarios.

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