Chacun pour soi (et un petit peu pour les autres), including “Missing Jim”

A collection of 90 monologues written by Christophe Averlan, to improve your acting techniques in French and English. Texts of 2 minutes to 4'30, for men and women, to be shamelessly and endlessly reused! To be explored for the fun of it, to stay at the top of your game and to have a text at hand for presentation!

You can order it online from the Librairie Théâtrale website: click here! !


Audition, by Michael Shurtleff

It’s a classic, it’s a reference, it’s a must. What else can we add?
A brief summary perhaps? Hmmm... no, that wouldn’t do it justice. The title says it all. Just keep in mind that this doesn’t cover only theatre auditions but auditions in general and that it’s not aimed only at American actors or actors from another age, but at actors full stop. That’s where Mr Shurtleff really excels.
Have a good read...