Develop your career in France

The French cultural exception isn’t a myth — it’s true!
Understanding how things are done in France will save you a lot of time when it comes to building your career in our entertainment industry. Whether you live in France, want to move here or are looking to work here, we provide an overview of the French market, including its various opportunities, contacts, organizations and leading institutions, and work with you to:

  • identify and expand your network: who, how, where, when and why, plus what usually happens in France
  • prepare to shine at every occasion: general meetings, festivals, previews, premieres, callbacks, etc…
  • convey the right messages, clearly moving beyond your home country
  • develop the marketing tools your contacts expect (website, headshots, demo reel, CV, portfolio, etc.) and make sure that they’re right for France’s entertainment industry
  • communicate on social media like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn to improve your profile

Sessions with Emmanuelle and Christophe

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