Forming a support system: agent, coach and other important collaborations

To build a career, it’s best to be well supported and, contrary to what you might think or what the market seems to suggest sometimes, you have a choice… a choice that may seem slim or relative at first, but a real choice all the same: you can choose your agent, coach, photographer, press officer, etc. It shouldn’t feel like a unilateral choice made by one side, but a mutual decision to work together because you click and are on the same page.

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For actors, throughout their career.


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  • To be supported effectively
  • To make an agent aware of what the artist offers
  • To work with your agent
  • To acquire a methodology of action
  • To start taking steps to find an agent quickly.


The agent: a constant companion

  • How to identify a talent agent: since January 2016, when the licence to work as a talent agent was withdrawn, the number of agencies has more than doubled. Why go more towards one than the other? How can you choose from an ever-longer list? Who is who? How can you tell them apart? How do you know who to contact?
  • How to approach a talent agent and with what message: Meeting them at an event? Emailing them? Contacting them by social media? Calling or stopping by their office? We explore all these situations so that everyone can find the one(s) that suit them best. Once that’s been decided, we see how to approach them and what to say to gain their attention and make them aware of your work. We can then work on the content of the meeting/email/post, etc. Because that’s clearly what makes the difference!
  • Which marketing tools to use: When opportunities for face-to-face meetings are few and far between, all the marketing tools you have up your sleeve will be your showcase, such as your CV, photos, demo reel, social media, etc. But how and when to use them in the right way? NB: we will only be taking an overview rather than exploring in detail how they’re put together (see the web conference “Marketing tools for working in France” and/or “Social media and marketing strategy”).
  • How to keep track over time: for various reasons, finding an agent takes time. So, how can you stop losing the thread? And keep going to benefit from your hard work? And react to negative, ambiguous, surprising and/or positive responses?
  • How to prepare an initial meeting with a talent agent: The idea is to get to know each other better, want to see each other again, motivate both parties to work together for better or worse and lay the foundations for a lasting relationship. Let’s calm those first date nerves!
  • How to work together: your agent is your ally, your collaborator, your ambassador and your wingman! It’s best if you complete, complement and understand each other, moving forward without stepping on each other’s toes, providing mutual support, mutually opening doors and showing mutual trust. The aim being that you work together over and over again until you decide otherwise!

Coaches and other important collaborations

  • Working on screen tests with an outside eye: we will say what we want, but… any criticism will be constructive!
  • Photographer / editor / hair stylist / makeup artist / press officer / image coach / community manager / personal assistant: a team working for you… it’s up to you to surround yourself with professionals who will follow you, support you and understand you, and who you can trust when you’re at the top! A career isn’t built singlehandedly and two heads are better than one. As you meet more people and gain more experience, try to spot who could help get your plans off their ground. All these collaborations are chosen and the choice is yours.

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