Going global

An irresistible attraction to films, TV shows and plays by foreign directors and producers? Fancy a change? You may or may not be bilingual. What do you need to do? Who should you contact? How can you keep in contact despite the distance? Moving abroad or between here and there?
A web conference to help you make decisions, have the right reflexes and understand what can happen in your target country.

This Webinar is only available in French, with no subtitles. Watch it here !
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For all actors who want to work internationally.


You can join this web conference from a PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone or Android device.
Internet connection required.


  • To give yourself what you need to succeed
  • To prepare for overseas travel and/or procedures


Requirements: fluency in at least one foreign language.
During this web conference, we cover all the following points:

  • Where to go?What are your ambitions, opportunities, possibilities, spheres, registers… as well as the good reasons for moving into other regions, what are the market realities and genuine opportunities available to you? Moving abroad or remaining based in France? Focusing on co-productions and/or surfing on the wave of emerging international platforms? Presentation of this booming niche market. European and international overview.
  • How to target your contacts and work with them remotely. As with any market, there are specific contacts but who are they? How can you identify them? How do you contact them? Make them aware of your work? Build bridges? We share our tips and techniques.
  • Finding the information needed to better understand the marketWhich platforms, locations, institutions, resources and structures in the various countries can be invaluable sources of information for taking the market’s pulse, better understanding how it works, its key players and how to approach it?
  • Methodology to develop your cross-border networks: Once your goals have been set, contacts identified, necessary steps listed, marketing tools tailored to the target markets and message sharpened, all you need do is arrange a meeting and get on the plane or train to reap the benefits of all your hard work!
  • How to activate your network in your home country : As there are several possibilities depending on the scenario, we provide plenty of ideas, suggestions and ways of working so that everyone can find their own. There’s not one way of doing things but several, depending on you.
  • Laws within the countries : The French cultural exception is an exception, as the name suggests! A few reminders of the legal and administrative aspects of other countries, European and international, that you need to consider to work abroad.
  • Different marketing tools: Every country is different, or are they? Review of the major differences between the tools that will help you in your efforts and make you visible to your contacts throughout the year. How and where to access accurate information depending on the target country.

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