Marketing tools for working in France

CV, photos, demo reels, business cards, social media and other platforms… Your marketing tools follow conventions that change over time and can also vary with the audience. They need to be tailored to the market (in this case, France), but also reassure the person seeing them as to who you are. They should reflect you as an artist but not close doors to the various opportunities that could arise. When are they really useful? What form should they take? How and where should they be distributed?

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All actors already working or hoping to work in France


You can join this webinar from a PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone or Android device.
Internet connection required.


  • To create tools reflecting what you convey and what you offer
  • To create tools tailored to the targeted market: here, France
  • To develop the tools over your career


  • CV: Questions about CVs just keep on coming. How do you structure them, what rules should you follow? Do you need several different ones? Which information should you prioritize? In what order? Do you need a different CV for your agent? What do you do when you have lots of different entries? Should you include everything? Write everything down?
    Often compiled on the basis of opinions overheard here and there, without really knowing what the right solution is, what you should or shouldn’t do, CVs can be a real headache. During this web conference, we answer all your questions once and for all!
  • Photos: Clearly the most important and powerful of your tools. Photos are what your contacts look at first, what circulates online, what you present and what are given to production teams during the crucial audition phase or when preparing for the shoot. Meaning that your photos have got to be good. But what is a good photo? How do you get the most out of a photoshoot? How do you prepare for it? Which photo(s) should you choose? How many do you need? What about the infamous “neutral” photo? We tell you everything so that your photos start putting you on the radar and the right track.
  • Demo reels: Now an essential tool, often requested but not always watched, what exactly is a demo reel? What do your contacts really expect? What criteria should it meet? Can a demo reel work against you? What’s its lifespan? What can you do when you don’t have a demo reel or recent images? Pitch, edit and choice of scenes, length, distribution… we go over all the important points to ensure that the tool boosts your profile.
  • Business card: Not so common anymore but really useful on various occasions, we explore exactly how to use them!
  • Digital marketing: No doubt about it, you have got to go digital. You have to have a social media presence; be easy to find in certain industry directories; communicate via email or Messenger. Do you need a website? What’s the best email signature? Which networks, what posts? Which directories? How can you use all these tools effectively to network, get yourself known, and ultimately be considered for roles through your e-visibility?