Be ready for your interview!

TV, radio, press and even blog interviews are important moments in your career.
You have the opportunity to promote your values, ambitions and vision of a role, film or project.
Particularly when you’re involved in a project with a social (domestic violence, paedophilia, disease, etc.) or political message (ecology, extremism, etc.), you will be asked about the subject. And that demands preparation to avoid making a misstep that could go viral.

    At premieres and award ceremonies, you may need to address the audience. Preparing a clear, powerful and concise speech lasting around a minute is important.
    And so we can work with you to:
  • go over the project, how you pitch it and any concerns you may have
  • prepare for interviews with filmed mocks (with sync sound)
  • analyze your response after watching the mocks, highlight keywords and relevant ideas, define your message as an artist and citizen, and list the terms to be banned to avoid any ambiguity
  • emphasize your commitment to your industry, clarify your goals and look to the future.

One or more sessions, depending on how confident you feel, may be needed. Call us to talk it over.

These sessions are handled by Christophe in our offices, by Skype, by phone or at an agreed location.

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