Message and stance as an actor

As an actor, you have an image to construct and convey in order to progress in your career and be contacted for the projects that interest you and the roles right for you. All that is also tied up with your message and what your network knows and remembers about you, irrespective of the roles you’ve played up to now. This web conference will give you the tools to better define the artist you are beyond the figure people see on screen or on stage.

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All actors who want to steer their career towards more suitable projects.


You can join this web conference from a PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone or Android device.
Internet connection required.


  • To understand the impact you can have on your network.
  • To raise your profile amongst the networks developing projects that particularly interest you.
  • To feel at ease everywhere you go.
  • To approach positively and prepare effectively for informal and/or formal meetings.


(includes film, TV and theatre)

  • Being active and proactive (and not responsive).That’s the key to unlocking a career as an actor: you need to be a driver, a leader, and make sure that what you offer and who you are (and not necessarily what you do) make people want to work with you. Which levers can you pull?
  • The actor’s relationship to other professionals: how to be (or feel) equal to other artists, some of whom have impressive careers and profiles?
  • The actor and the environment: correlation between what you offer and your network, as there can’t be one without the other!
  • Your image: it makes you an “obvious” choice so that you’re considered for certain roles or projects. How can you convey the right “messages”?
  • How to prepare for and manage informal and/or formal meetings: how to nuance your message depending on the context. How to approach someone you “admire” or particularly want to work with. An introduction is best prepared, obviously. But are there rules? What are they? What do you need to do?
  • Hence the need to have a general understanding of the sphere or networks you want to move in.
  • Talking about yourself via your marketing tools and social media: How to maintain consistency between your career goals, message and tools. How essential are marketing tools and networks, and what are their limitations
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