Our Quality Charter

Médiane – Art & Communication can be contacted for many and varied services. Each one is guided by the values we uphold.

Therefore, we pledge, for all our clients, whether individuals or companies, to

– develop solutions tailored to each situation. For us, there is no one-size-fits-all response to the problems put to us. Every artist — or company — will receive a thought-out, personal and unique response from us reflecting their profile; national or international scope; image amongst the media, professionals or general public; background; marketing tools available or unavailable; and personal, financial and professional circumstances. It will result from honest, down-to-earth discussions;

– strategically advise every person or structure contacting us, and carefully consider the requests made of us. Therefore, if we’re consulted for a service that we don’t think is right for our client, we will tell them immediately. We will share our expertise and suggest alternative solutions that we think are better suited to their objectives, recommending either services that we can provide or other structures;

– consider the image of the artists or companies, their graphic charter when there is one and their professional goals when we’re asked to work on creating their marketing tools;

– maintain our clients’ confidentiality at all times, unless otherwise instructed by them in specific cases;

– respect, or where necessary demand respect for, every individual along their journey. Not to influence them in one direction or another, but to help them make their own choices, whether financial, ethical or personal, based on our industry experience and expertise;

– encourage everyone’s creativity;

– keep our finger on the pulse by personally attending festivals, conferences and roundtables, and monitoring developments and trends in the audiovisual and entertainment industry;

– not share any document with third parties, no matter who they are;

– not sell or disclose any data such as phone numbers or email addresses to third parties, unless otherwise instructed in specific cases;

– give our clients an invoice for all the services taken from us;

– compensate every employee, whether permanent or temporary, pursuant to current legal guidelines;

– follow the law on payroll and tax declarations;

– pay our taxes in France.

When we organize group sessions, whether in the form of courses, workshops or research laboratories, we also pledge to:

– limit group sizes to twelve people;

– provide sufficient working time so that everyone can find responses, or at least the beginning of a response, to the challenge set;

– make everyone feel as welcome as possible;

– where appropriate, to call on outside contributors who are still working to share the latest developments, standards and current practices from their industry.