Present and Promote one’s artistic identity

All artists face the same challenge of knowing how to talk about themselves, define themselves as artists and promote their work without going OTT. Some people talk about “selling yourself”, but we think that it’s more about being seen and heard in the right place at the right time with the right message… During this group training, which can be tailored to individuals (reflecting on your career path and situation), we will cover the following points:

  • Talking about your achievements and opening doors:

Basic rules. How to adapt your presentation to reflect your current standing, audience, goals, acting aspirations or targeted genre.

  • Goals:

Defining your career and artistic goals for the scene and image. Analyzing each party’s motivations. Ways to achieve your aims.

  • Network:

How to extend your network and make new contacts. How to identify your artistic “family”. Where to find it. Premieres, festivals, events, debates, etc. Do you need to go and if so, to do what? Is it really possible to network? If so, how? Where to find information.

  • Methodology:

Which networks to target depending on your goals, positioning, network and existing marketing tools, if any. How to put in place a schedule and effective tools for networking.

  • Marketing tools:

Photos: which photographer? Which photo?
CVs: is there a typical CV? What information should I include? E-visibility: personal site versus online platform
Demo reels: a few rules and recent trends.

  • Marketing methods:

Making direct contact by email or Messenger. A few rules for effective networking.
Work on social media: what to say and how often? Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, what to expect? What are the trends?
Interviews: a few rules for successful prep.

Sessions with Christophe and Emmanuelle

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