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Appointments by the hour: €100 inclusive of VAT

And if an hour’s not enough?
Simply choose one of our packages and benefit from a reduction of up to 27%! How does it work?
A package is a certain number of appointment hours determined jointly, to work on one or several of your objectives: overhauling your network of contacts, your career, your artistic persona, preparation for a role, finding an agent, producing your demo track, preparing a strategy to boost your visibility on the social networks, etc.
During its validity period, a package enables you to work with all of the agency’s coaches according to your needs and to their respective skills.
The validity period of the package is the number of hours converted into months, so if we decide on 6 hours’ work together, your package will be valid for six months. We operate based on the principle that to do our job effectively and to follow it up, a minimum of one appointment per month is required.
Regarding the appointment frequency, this is completely dependent upon the work to be done and our respective diary commitments.

A guaranteed price of €70 per hour, even after your package has expired! Subscribing to a package costs €30. This guarantees that you can benefit from all of your hours at €70.
Whether you need more hours than initially anticipated, whether you’ve completed your allocation of hours before the end of the validity period of your package or whether you’ve reached the validity expiry date of your package, during the next 3 months you’ll benefit from a preferential rate of €70 per hour for all hours booked or for any new package you sign up to.
On the other hand, any hours which have not been used within the allocated period will be lost when your package expires.

For example: let’s assume that you sign up to a 6-month package on 25 October, i.e. 6 hours of appointments. Its expiry date will be 25 April of the following year.
You complete your 6 hours in 3 months, so any new hours up to 25 April will be at €70 as well as during the 3 months following the 25 April, i.e. up to 25 July… The same will apply upon expiry of your package: you use your 6 hours within the 6-month validity period of your package and you also benefit from this special discount up to 25 July… After 25 July, all new appointments will be billed at €100 for the first hour.
And if by 25 April (the expiry date of your package) you’ve only used 3 hours, you’ll lose the remaining unused 3 hours but still benefit from the pack extension discount at €70 until 25 July for your new appointment hour or subscription.

Young actors: save time and pay less!

Whether or not you subscribe to a package, you can benefit from a 15% reduction off your total bill for all of our coaching services proposed by Médiane (excluding courses, workshops and web conferences).
Save time and money by taking advantage of this outstanding reduction now!
(valid during the 2 years after you leave school, subject to provision of proof)

Example of prices :

Number of hours Price per hour Valid for Total amount Saving you
1h 100 € xxx 100 € 0 €
Pack 2 months 85 € 2 months 170 € 30 €
Pack 3 months 80 € 3 months 240 € 60 €
Pack 6 months 75 € 6 months 450 € 150 €
Pack 12 months 72,5 € 1 year 870 € 330 €


Would you like to know more?

You can contact us by e-mail at or by telephone at 01 48 24 27 03 right now!

> Workshops

The workshops cost €45 for 3 hours.
You can attend in person or participate by Skype.

> Training // Promotion and image // Community management

Price by quotation. Please contact us.

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