Role/casting in foreign languages

«Sincerity is universal.»

Drawing on his coaching experience in Hebrew, Swedish, Tuareg, Turkish, Arabic and obviously English, Christophe prepares you for roles in all languages. The directions are in French or English.

And for roles in English, Elyssa, our Franco-American, will be your best coach for the accent and pronunciation.
For other languages, we will not work on accents or pronunciation.

In the same way as for preparing for screen tests or preparing for roles, the work will help you:

  • step back from the script
  • check or improve the sincerity of your portrayal
  • find the right breathing technique for the spoken language
  • for some actors, overcome the language barrier and the diction it demands

The best time to see us?

  • On receiving the script: the work starts with the script reading. Invaluable for important roles
  • A few days before the screen tests (maximum three or four days)
  • An hour before the screen tests: ideal for ‘warming up’

Sessions with Christophe in our offices (ideally), by Skype or at an agreed location. If you’ve worked with Christophe before, this could be done by phone (to be discussed with him).

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