Screen tests: practice makes perfect

You may feel unsure when you receive a scene for one of your next auditions. Without knowing what the casting director wants, you struggle to take one direction more than another. That’s not unreasonable, after all: isn’t the actor supposed to be led by a director? But you have to make a clear choice, from which the casting director will decide (or not) to work with you on one or more projects.
This web conference will give you the keys to understanding how to prepare your screen tests and arrive fully composed, relaxed and confident.

Note : This webinar is available in French only, with no subtitles. To watch it : click here.
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Actors who film screen tests (regularly or not).


You can join this web conference from a PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone or Android device. Internet connection required.


  • To develop a working approach to preparing a monologue or scene (with or without information on the role)
  • To hone your instincts
  • To make the script your own
  • To understand what the actor can bring to the character
  • To rise to the challenge set by the casting director


  • The first reading: the traps to avoid
  • Discovering the scene: understanding the genre and rhythm
  • Preparatory work at the table alone or with a partner
  • The “effects” of staging: room for manoeuvre
  • Actor’s approach: when everything is possible, which one should you choose?
  • The concepts of typecasting and casting against type
  • Clichés: to avoid them or not?
  • Common mistakes to avoid
  • Being prepared for meeting the casting director