An example of our demo reel :

Whether for France or abroad, demo reels have to convince and reassure a casting director, inspire a director, or sometimes even a producer, and prove what we already know — that you’re cut out for the role on offer.

It’s all a question of making the right choices in terms of range, rhythm, format, genre… From adding/removing one or more scene(s) to an existing demo reel or reediting it in digital, DVD or even DV format, we promote your skill set and identity as an actor through high-quality, recent footage.

We bring your image nearly twenty years of experience in the area plus our knowledge of the industry and its changing expectations, which is kept up to date by our close relationships with distributors.

Together, over one or two sessions, we will work on:

  • choosing the footage that will be put together: not everything is worth showing. Some scenes may be redundant, others do more for you, etc.
  • the order of the clips: the first thirty seconds are essential, creating that “first impression”, the image people instantly form of you and often remember
  • formatting, mixing and overlaying titles
  • subtitles (provided by you) if necessary
  • uploading your demo reel onto your YouTube, Dailymotion and Vimeo accounts (if necessary, creating the accounts with you).

Sessions with Perrine Prieur in our offices.

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