Social media and marketing strategy

“Social media is so time-consuming!” … “everything we put online is saved without us knowing!” … “lots of people just post rubbish!” … “it’s full of fake news!” … “I don’t want everyone to know about my private life!” … “I don’t have anything to say!”
It’s time that social media do you more good than harm!
This web conference will help you get more out of it and choose the right one for your visibility goals. Who are their audiences? How can you set your accounts and profiles to only get information that interests you? How do you send tailored messages to targeted recipients? How do you save useful information? How can you organize the messages on your wall and get rid of ones you don’t want? Finally, and most importantly, what should you post?

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Actors who are reluctant to use social media.


You can join this web conference from a PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone or Android device.
Internet connection required.


  • To better understand how each platform works to save time and stop wasting it
  • To introduce editorial guidelines to stop wondering what to post
  • To master the use of marketing tools and make them work for you


  • Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/LinkedIn/
    In their own way, all these social media platforms can help improve your profile, maximize your exposure, reach your audience and communicate with your industry. We see how you can use them to achieve your goals: purpose, conventions, technical specifications and gaining recognition.
  • Setting editorial guidelines
    For many people, knowing what to post is a nightmare, so we offer you a very simple solution: explaining the point of using your chosen platforms and then it’s game on! We will work on that together and give you plenty of ideas…

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