The team

Emmanuelle OLIVIER – Christophe AVERLAN
Co-directors and co-founders of médiane art and communication

Emmanuelle cut her teeth at Cinétévé and Mikros Image before moving on to live performance production. Sometimes in liaison with their agents or press officers, she now coaches actors, writers/screenwriters and project promoters on developing their career, performances or films in line with developments, standard practices and specific demands within the various industries. On several occasions, she has also helped clarify the message and positioning of senior managers and other key figures from different sectors. Surrounded by her team (Perrine, Christophe and Elyssa) and working with the artists, she designs and implements a tailored strategy and personal marketing tools for maximum visibility.
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Christophe, who is an acting coach, playwright and director, is involved in career development and marketing strategy, designing marketing tools and work in front of the camera: media training, preparation for castings, preparation for roles and production. He has extensive experience working with actors both known and unknown at every stage of their career and with business leaders on public speaking. He works in France and internationally (US, Belgium, Luxembourg, etc.) and with artists from across the globe (Canada, US, Germany, China, UK, Belgium, Luxembourg, etc.) in French or English. His plays and audiovisual content are available in all good bookshops (or Resources here) and all his films can be found on (Find/contact Christophe on Facebook)


Perrine Prieur
Artistic director, editor and graphic designer

She will work her magic to showcase you in every format!
Whether on camera (interviews, demo reels, trailers, teasers, etc.), online or in print (all forms of portfolios, posters, flyers, sites, etc.), you won’t go unnoticed! No more hiding away!!!
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Elyssa Bouabid
Marketing Manager and Executive Assistant

Our Franco-American Elyssa is an ultra-connected Digital Marketing Manager who has her eye out for the slightest changes in any of the platforms now used by artists and their contacts. She will guide you through understanding and using these online tools to pinpoint your goals… or she can do it for you, if you prefer!
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