Work Beyond Borders Internationally

Aimed at actors who speak several languages and want to go global with their career.

Drawing on our extensive experience in Europe and the US and our work with world-renowned actors, casting directors, agents, school and institutions, we can partner you to launch your career outside of France.

We cover several areas depending on where you want to go:

  • what draws you to the targeted countries and their industry
  • the opportunities onsite
  • the top contacts here and there
  • the steps to take
  • reviewing or, if necessary, designing and creating your marketing tools to appeal to the destination country
  • networking (who, how, where, when, why and what)

For the English-speaking market, Christophe is here to work with you on your acting skills as you prepare for a screen test or role, and our Franco-American Elyssa will help you with your accent and pronunciation. She’s also an ideal partner for your self-tapes!

Sessions with Emmanuelle, Christophe or Elyssa, depending on what you need.

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