Master Class led by Christophe Averlan (actors’ coach) and an International french casting director !

Next Session : 4th and 5th of november 2015

2 days of workshop – 10:30 / 18:30
Number of participants : 10 actors max.

Submit to this 2-days master class. 2 different ways of working, 2 different tunes, only one direction : acting before the camera.

Primary objective :
Make an immediate impact and embody the character as accurately as possible and more than simply corresponding to the profile required, be convincing. And as a French actor, you might want to improve your acting in English !

Program :
Day 1 : Christophe Averlan, screen writer, director, actors’ coach, for French and foreign actors, for more than 10 years.

Christophe will coach you on mandatory scenes sent a few days before the master class will start. You’ll perform regularly before the camera, with or without any direction. The purpose is to work on your uniqueness, in many ranges !
Your performance will be recorded and regularly rewied during the day, so you’ll be able to see by yourself what you need to work on precisely.

Day 2 : Casting director, regularly working on international coproduction.

You’ll meet a french casting director who regularly works with international coproductions, looking for fluent English actors, or native English actors. You will perform on mandatory scenes. The casting director will give you 3 or more takes, and lead you where he feels you could fit better to the role. You’ll review your work at the end of the day.

This is followed by a screening and on-the-spot analysis of these tests, of how they were delivered, and of the capacity of each actor to adapt to specific requests. His approach (what he is waiting from actor performance, the production restraints he regularly encounters will help you better understand your work, your role and your relationship with directors in general.)

Fees : 240 € TTC


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MasterClass led by Christophe Averlan and a casting director

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