Preparing for Screen Tests, Roles or Self-Tapes Package

Whether you have a screen test to complete in person or online, a role to secure or a self-tape to film, preparation is always essential! As directors and casting directors are increasingly short on time, you need to make an impact from the first take and be able to adapt to what’s required whilst staying true to yourself.

This three-hour package gives you access to a coach who can tutor you in all languages (excluding accent work) and for all your castings and roles so that you feel confident and prepared when it comes to the screen test or shoot.

The coaching sessions can be divided into half-hour slots and be provided in person or online depending on your availability and location.

  • develop or practise your acting technique. Rethink your approach if necessary, honing it and adding subtilty
  • check that you can interact with other actors
  • make sure that you bring who you are, what you do and what drives you to the character
  • put all that to the test with some challenging direction
  • remain available to work with the casting director and meet his/her requirements fast
  • understand the opportunities and limitations presented by an online screen test, resolving any technical problems

The best time to see us?

  • On receiving the script: the work starts with the script reading. Invaluable for important roles
  • A few days before the screen tests (maximum three or four days)
  • An hour before the screen tests: ideal for ‘warming up’
  • step back from the script when the cameras roll
  • find the right gaze, rhythm and breathing technique to bring to filming
  • identify without ‘setting in stone’ the character’s relationships with other people
  • better define, redefine or check how your flaws will serve the character’s
  • go to the set feeling creative, composed, flexible and receptive to the director

The best time to see us?

  • On receiving the script: the work starts with the script reading
  • A few days before filming starts
  • If necessary, during filming

Need to send a video to a casting director or director for a screen test? In French or a foreign language? Come with your lines learned and technique chosen and we’ll take care of the rest!

  • film your presentation and screen test with a high-frequency microphone and lighting,
  • choose the best shot(s) together,
  • format your selection (card with your name, contact, role…),
  • export and transfer to your agent or straight to the recipient on your behalf.

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