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Welcome to Médiane – Art et Communication
We work with actors to enable them to progress strategically in their career. That means asserting their image, their artistic identity, becoming better known in their network, having effective communication tools. We aim to make these skills coherent. We keep up to date with issues and trends in the industry. This way, we can point actors in the right direction.

Top Services

Top Services
Develop your career in France
The French cultural exception isn’t a myth — it’s true! Understanding how things are done in France will save you a lot of time when it comes to building your career in our entertainment industry. Whether you live in France, want to move here or are looking to work here, we provide an overview of … Continue reading "Develop your career in France" Lire la suite >
What to say on social media?
Social media run on algorithms that, in simple terms, give active and prolific users more exposure. The more you post, the more chances you have of being seen. More chances of being seen means more chances of reaching your audience and going viral (via likes, shares and comments). And the more viral you go, the … Continue reading "What to say on social media?" Lire la suite >
Work Beyond Borders Internationally
Aimed at actors who speak several languages and want to go global with their career. Drawing on our extensive experience in Europe and the US and our work with world-renowned actors, casting directors, agents, school and institutions, we can partner you to launch your career outside of France. We cover several areas depending on where … Continue reading "Work Beyond Borders Internationally" Lire la suite >

They Trust Us !

They Trust Us !
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