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Médiane - Art et Communication

We work with actors to enable them to progress strategically in their career. That means asserting their image, their artistic identity, becoming better known in their network, having effective communication tools. We aim to make these skills coherent. We keep up to date with issues and trends in the industry.
This way, we can point actors in the right direction.


We work with artists to build a strategy in order to create a career development plan : by asserting their image, their identity as artists, by making themselves known, by having efficient communication tools, by using new technologies (such as Facebook, or Instagram), by being self-sufficient, and most importantly, by enlarging their professional network.

Branch out

Your network allows you to work ! That’s why you constantly need to expand it. On your own or with your agent. Make sure you do it properly though.
We can work together in order to :

✓ define a plan of action to expand your business contacts
✓ target the right network according to your profile
✓ make sure your actions count
✓ follow up your network in an effective way

(Meet Emmanuelle or Christophe in their local office or via Skype)

Your demoreel, your trailer

Definitely a key tool, we'll edit them depending on the market and according to your preferences : we’re aiming to showcase the very best.
It all depends on its duration, but it has to bring out the je ne sais quoi that no-one else has : your style, your vision, your artistic world, your creativity... So let's choose the clips together : our main focus is to pinpoint your positive attributes. Just come by or send us your scenes (on DVD, by ftp, wetransfer or myairbridge) !

✓ we will deal with the image scalling and the sound mix
✓ text inlay and basic visual effects
✓ we'll put your demoreel on your youtube, dailymotion or vimeo account (we can create your accounts for you if you don’t have any).
✓ we'll keep a backup of the editing in our archives for two years if ever you wish to come back and update it.

Get ready to shoot !

Do you have scenes to shoot in French ? Do you have an important role that requires preparation ? Make sure you're ready to be on set :

✓ Be ready from the first take to imprint your personality on the character,
✓ Be ready to fully be responsive when collaborating with the director (or the casting director in case of audition),
✓ Be ready to surpass your limits, role after role.

✓ Be open minded in every way possible so that you may be yourself, audacious, and ambitious
All under the watchful eye of Christophe Averlan, acting coach.
(meet Christophe at his office or via Skype)

Optimize Your Visibility On Social Media

How to increase your visibility on Facebook, internationally as well ? How to make a difference on social media ?
Speak out on social media and make sure to use it as a megaphone.
Manage Facebook's best services by sharing your posts, events, articles, photos, and videos.

✓ If you haven’t done it yet, we’ll set together all parameters of your personal or/and company account. We’ll then work on your personal editorial strategy : what to say, how to say it, and when.
✓ How Facebook works (private messages, feeds, posts, etc…)
✓ How to manage multiple languages ​​and interlocutors in different territories,
✓ Your personal account, your page specificities, and how both can interact together.
✓ When to schedule your posts in order to increase your visibility.

Get in touch !

Skype medianeartetcom
RDV dans les bureaux de Médiane

From Monday To Friday, 10 am to 7pm.
40 rue de Chabrol – Paris 10°
Subway station : "Poissonnière" or "gare de l'est".

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The Mediane Team

We have developped our knowledge in the field of showbusiness (Theatre, Cinema, Television) since 1999 (firstly in France, and more recently in New York, London, Namur, Luxembourg...). Benefit from our expertise! We'll each have our own specific and personal answers to give.


Médiane - Art & Communication Co-director and co-founder with Christophe Averlan.
Emmanuelle first started at Cineteve and Mikros Image as an executive assistant and head of PR, and after that in Producing live performing Art. She specializes in artists’ and companies’ visibility. At Médiane, she coaches actors on their career development. She’s also a councillor for stage directors and theatre companies to help them build a solid strategy and successfully breakthrough on the theatre market. Having the support of her great team (Perrine, Christophe and Mélina), she will definitely work on the strategy you need.


She’s dexterous at formating you -or your company- on every media ! Inverviews, demoreels, trailers, teasers, web or print graphic design, your files, posters, flyers… Make sure you want everyone to see you, and she will do the job !


Médiane - Art & Communication Co-director and co-founder with Emmanuelle Olivier.

Actors’ coach, playwrite, film director (Paris and New York), he is the one who deals with actors and their acting ! He prepares them for their audition or roles, he leads acting master classes in French or in English (he did several in New York City). He also coaches actors on their carreer development. His sharp eye will catch you right away, everytime. You can also find a book of his French and English monologues - “Chacun pour soi (et un petit peu pour les autres), including “Missing Jim”. More info on his website.


Mélina Brûlé is an ultra-connected communication manager. She’s on the lookout for the latest developments in social networks. She will be with you, even more, she will litteraly hold your hand if you need it, to make sure you can use everything (including tiny details) on every chosen platform, depending on your targets. But, you know what, she can also do everything for you (just ask her gently !)