Company’s history

It all starts at Cinétévé, a production company where Emmanuelle Olivier and Christophe Averlan meet.
Right away, and with the same enthusiasm, they want to work together, to support and advise actresses and actors on their carreer.

In 1999, they found Médiane-Art&Com’, specialized in supporting actors and actresses. Christophe and Emmanuelle become, besides the artistic agents, relevant partners for actresses and actors, at any point in their career.

Pole Emploi Spectacle (National Job Center for Actors and Actresses) sees the importance of Mediane’s work, and chooses it to lead three-months workshop on the theme: “Define and enhance your artistic identity”. Already Emmanuelle and Christophe want the artists to let all their singularity shine.

In the process, they set up the first workshop involving casting directors and directors, and thus create a synergy based on meeting, work, exchange and benevolence. It is, with no doubt, the intrinsic values ​​of Médiane.

Quickly afterwards, Médiane sets training courses around working before the camera. Some are exported to New York, in partnership with the Michael Howard Studio, or to Luxembourg in partnership with the CNA’s Training department, and co-financed by the Film Fund. For Christophe and Emmanuelle, one must inspire each other, beyond borders.

Over the same period, they are invited by the FIFF in Namur to lead master-classes there, they sign a partnership with Crew United, a European platform dedicated to audiovisual, and cofound with other coaches the International Actors Coaches Together…

They attend multiple events in theater and performing arts (the Festival d’Avignon, SACD or SNES meetings), audiovisual and cinema (the TV fiction festival in La Rochelle, the Berlinale, Subtitle European Film Festival in Kilkenny, International Film Festival in Munich, etc.)

At the time of lockdown, they host free webinars with distinguished guests and in this same dynamic, they organize in 2022 a 2-day seminar in Berlin on the Mobility of Actors and Actresses in Europe, in partnership with Crew United.

From this exciting experience is born the new concept on a European scale, “ACTORS ON THE MOVE”, which is to facilitate the career of actors and actresses throughout Europe, based on the sharing of experience and professional knowledge present in the different countries.

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