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Behind Médiane–Art&Com’ are two coaches with backgrounds in the live performance and audiovisual sectors and over twenty years’ experience. We work with you on a tailored action plan to meet your goals. We form a team, seeing what works, what doesn’t work, how to get things moving, put you ahead and set you apart.


For a european career

Are you an established actor, just getting started after switching from another sector or fresh out of drama school and looking to develop your career in the French market? You’re in the right place.

360° Coaching

Guidance on your acting (uniqueness, on-camera work, prep for screen tests and roles), on starting and furthering your career (how to work in France, being seen in the market and surrounding yourself with the right people, etc.), and on a communication strategy including the tools needed for immediate and ongoing visibility.

A certified training provider

Médiane – Art & Communication training is ICPF certified.


Link to: Accent and Acting Training / March 2023-June 2024

A duo of experts to support you

Behind Médiane–Art&Com’ is a duo of coaches who closely monitor developments in the audiovisual, film and theatre industries and keep in regular contact with key figures by attending professional events across France and Europe, such as the Berlinale, FIFF in Namur, Subtitle European Film Festival in Kilkenny, International Film Festivals in Munich and Cannes, etc. Working with a number of industry professionals has given them invaluable insight into market conventions and trends.

Médiane – Art & Communication’s strength: expertise in positioning actors in both acting technique and career development.

Christophe Averlan

Co-director and co-founder

Christophe Averlan worked as assistant director to Georges Bécot during his studies at the C.L.C.F. It was there that he began to rub shoulders with actors and actresses, sensing their creative power in interpreting texts and learning to direct them as he wrote his first plays.
He then joined Cinétévé, where he met Emmanuelle Olivier, with whom he founded Médiane-Art&Com’ in 1999.
His aim is to give actors and actresses the keys to a better career, and to give meaning to all the steps they can take. He passes on everything he knows, everything he saw when he was in the production offices.
This was the start of career development coaching, and it was with Médiane-Art&Com’ that it all began!
At the same time, he wrote 2 plays: “Happy Birthday Daddy”, directed by Patrice Kerbrat and starring Emeric Marchand and Jean-Yves Chilot and “Billy Budd, Matelot”, based on Herman Melville, published by Editions de la Librairie Théâtrale. He has also made several short films, including “A New York Pair” in the USA, which was selected for the Manhattan Film Festival.
After these short films, in which he developed a passion for directing actors and actresses, he went on to take part in the work-in-front-of-the-camera courses launched by Médiane, which were exported to the United States and Luxembourg.
In this context, he wrote monologues of 2 to 4 minutes and “Chacun pour soi (et un petit peu pour les autres)” is published by La Librairie Théâtrale, which includes no less than 90 texts, 30 of which are in English.

His coaching technique was refined, and he prepared more and more actors and actresses working all over the world (Canada, USA, Germany, China, United Kingdom, Belgium, Luxembourg, Italy, Sweden…), for their castings and/or roles, in French and English, as well as in any other language. He launches with Mediane an Accent and Acting Training courses, involving no less than 10 coaches from all over the world to run Master Classes with him. 

He continues to assist actresses and actors with their acting needs.

Thus, he continues to support actresses and actors not only in the aspect of performance but also in providing advice on career strategy, digital communication, professional network development, and visibility. This extends beyond the French market to the European and international scales. This is complemented by his co-hosting of roundtable discussions with Emmanuelle Olivier, featuring casting directors, agents, and actors as guests. Through these collaborative exchanges, Christophe Averlan deepens his knowledge and expertise in the European market, gaining valuable insights from the diverse perspectives shared by these industry professionals.

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Emmanuelle Olivier

Co-director and co-founder

Emmanuelle Olivier cut her teeth at Cinétévé and Mikros Image, then in the production of live shows.

Her decisive meeting with Christophe Averlan in a film production company gave her the opportunity to create Médiane – Art & Communication in 1999, a coaching and support company for artists. At the time, she was very sensitive to the careers of actors and actresses, to their advent in the industry, and very aware of the workings and customs of the sector. She has been coaching them for more than 20 years now on the development of their careers, knowing how to surround themselves, giving themselves the means, removing the obstacles, bringing forward and better understanding their uniqueness, know how to position themselves and make a place for themselves in the market, etc.
She concocts and implements with them a strategy and personalized communication tools for an impactful visibility.

Little by little, scriptwriters, playwrights, and project leaders have been added to the list of those who have developed their companies, shows, or films, taking into account the evolution of the different environments, their practices, and their specificities.

Regularly on the move, in professional events such as the festivals of Cannes, La Rochelle, the Berlinale, the FIFF, Avignon, etc… always accompanied by her associate, Christophe Averlan, they multiply together the contacts, create links, open the horizons and allow everyone to meet via events that they organize over time and opportunities, whether it is Lives or aperitifs!

By extension, she has been able to intervene on several occasions on the discourse and positioning of executives in other fields of activity.

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