Médiane-Art&Com’, Ouvre Tes Ailes, C Me Acting,
in partnership with Crew United and iAct, present

Accent And Acting Training In English

for professional actors and actresses

Work all over Europe and in the UK!

Consolidate your acting and reduce your accent so you can take on more roles and feel more at ease on set.

A team of 10 international English-speaking coaches to work on your acting in English and reduce your accent

Intensive weekly training for 16 weeks to work on different texts, characters and genres, all via Zoom

A group of 12 actors and actresses from all over Europe

Take advantage of this exceptional opportunity to explore new artistic perspectives and gain confidence

  • Regular training

    to build confidence

    Every week

  • Experienced coaches

    at your service

    with international experience

  • Varied texts

    To help you progress

    provided by coaches


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Every Tuesday until June 11th, 9AM to 1PM.

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Our Training Strengths

10 coaches who regularly work on large-scale audiovisual and/or theatrical projects

1 weekly 4-hour course (every Tuesday)

Work on film and TV scenes proposed by different coaches

Alternate between acting coaches and accent reduction coaches, each with their own methodology for tackling a role or reducing your accent

Personal feedback to help you progress, identify your obstacles and successfully reach your goals

A melting pot of actors and actresses from all over Europe, each with his or her own singularity, accent, culture and network

Zoom training from wherever you are!

The Programme

16 weeks (starting the week of Feb. the 27th, to June 11th)

1 weekly 4 hour course

Each course is divided into two parts: 2 hours devoted to accent reduction, and 2 hours devoted to acting

Time is set aside for constructive individual feedback during each session

Texts will be made available about ten days before the start of the course, with instructions depending on the coach

The coach’s schedule will be available at the beginning of each month for the following month

You will have access to all classes within the limit of 6 or 12 classes (depending on the package you have chosen). Adapt your programme according to your availability!

A Team Of Coaches At Your Disposal

Our coaching team is made up of seasoned professionals with in-depth experience of the European film and audiovisual market. Each coach brings his or her own unique expertise and specialised knowledge, offering a variety of approaches and perspectives to help you reach your full potential.

A Team Of Coaches At Your Disposal

Our coaching team is made up of seasoned professionals with in-depth experience of the European film and audiovisual market. Each coach brings his or her own unique expertise and specialised knowledge, offering a variety of approaches and perspectives to help you reach your full potential.

Christophe AVERLAN

Christophe AVERLAN

Acting Coach

Christophe Averlan has been an acting and career coach with Médiane-Art&Com’, since he created the company in 1999. He helps actors and actresses find a unique and singular proposition, in line with their personality and identity, while remaining in touch with "the other" and anchored in the present. Director of several short films and a playwright, he has also published a collection of monologues in French and English for actresses and actors, published by Éditions de la Librairie Théâtrale. In 2022, he and several other coaches created iACT .

Jessica BURN

Jessica BURN

Accent Reduction

After acting training Jessica stepped into Circus and Street theatre and for over a 15 years she has travelled the world in this field.
She has her own stilt company and is experienced in wire work and roller skating.
In 2019 she joined a Meisner based community, Actors East, which continued training during the pandemic on Zoom with an internationally based group of enormously talented actors creating and working on scenes. She started an accent group for actors who have English as a second language in lockdown 2020/21 with people from the Meisner group. Since the world reopened she has continued to work with individuals, helping them with English and RP accents.



Acting Coach / Accent Reduction

Susy Firth was a core member of the Paris based Compagnie du P’tit Matin for over 25 years in the roles of performer, director, composer, musical director and author. She has coached both actors and singers in theatre and vocal expression / interpretation workshops. As an accent coach, Susy places great emphasis on how the musicality and rhythm of speech are necessary to being understood -and credible- in English. As an acting coach, her work focuses on how to appropriate a text through the study of its meaning(s), and how to harness energy, presence and emotional intelligence in order to deliver it as if for the first time.



Accent reduction

James GERARD is a professional British/Australian actor with over 67 credits, Trained at Acting International, The Actors’ Centre, and The British Actors Guild. Since 2011, James has studied with Larry Moss (Meisner, Strasberg, Hagen, Adler) and participated in workshops run by international coaches, Bernard Hiller, and Bob Mc Andrew (Strasberg, Stanislavski). As a corporate trainer since 2002 and ex-English teacher, he has helped busy professionals reduce their native accent before major presentations and coached actors such as Noémie Merlant during their self-tape auditions.



Acting Coach

James Joint was born and raised in Honduras, before moving to the USA, England and France. This coach studied with Susan Batson, Ivana Chubbuck, Larry Moss, Bob McAndrew, Edward Bond and Philippe Adrien. His method is based on a combination of techniques enabling the release of instincts and emotional impulses. He is one of the founding members and head coach of Ouvre tes Ailes and a member of iACT since 2022.



Accent Reduction / Acting Coach

Student in England, Julie was accepted by the prestigious NATIONAL YOUTH THEATRE in London. She later moved to Sydney, Australia where she studied the METHOD ACTING techniques as taught by MEISNER, STANISLAVSKI, MICHAEL CHECKOV, STELLA ADLER, UTA HAGEN. In Paris, she joined the anglophone theatre company ACT and later ACT 2 THEATRE COMPANY which was invited to open the INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF EUROPEAN THEATRE in VF in London and Bath. Acting coach, actor, writer, director, voice over artist and bilingual personal and corporate coach she has taught at many Professional Drama Schools including the prestigious New York Film Academy at La Fémis, EICAR, DBIMA, BLANCHE SALANT, LA GENERALE, EAA, LES ATELIERS DU SUDDEN, EFAP, ISEG.



Accent Reduction

Kester is a trained actor and the artistic director of Drama Ties, for whom he has produced and directed a dozen shows in English in France over the last 20 years. He also teaches acting in English at the CNSAD and ESAD in Paris. As a coach, he specialises in accent reduction for those wishing to master the musicality of British English, drawing on his expertise in the recording studio, where he is a voice artist and ADR director, notably on the series Marie-Antoinette (Canal +). In 2022, he and several other coaches created iACT .



Accent Reduction

Sophie Pumphrey is a performer and teacher who hosts 1-1s and group workshops on voice, comedy and communication skills. She has lived and worked in South Korea, Portugal, Germany, France and the UK. As a comedy teacher, she’s worked with Hoopla Improv and The Nursery and set up various performance groups, Made Up Like Tarts, C3-Something, and was director and coach for Charm & Strange, along with the award-winning comedian Lizzy Mace. Her Master’s in Professional Voice Practice was at the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire and she set up The Folly, to showcase comedy in the West Midlands.



Accent Reduction / Acting Coach

Lisa trained as an actress at the prestigious Drama Centre, London. She has worked in film, TV, theatre and the voice-over industry for over 25 years. Between 2019 and 2021 she gave the ‘Received Pronunciation’ class at the Cours Florent, Paris, working with international drama students in the Acting in English section. Over the years she has led theatre workshops, directed a short play she wrote as well as two short film projects that she also penned, one of which is currently being screened at film festivals.



Accent Reduction

Born and raised in the UK, Rachel studied drama. She has been working for several years as a dialect coach for international co-productions on films and series (most recently: Marie-Antoinette (S1), Bureau des Légendes (S4 & 5), Le petit Nicolas, Waiting For you, Call me by your name... ). She also runs English voice workshops for actors and has been working as a voice-over artist for over 20 years.

Elise McLEOD

Elise McLEOD

Acting Coach

Born in Australia, she lives and works in Paris. Since 2007, she has been coaching actors for their auditions, self tapes, their films shoots and on sets. She adapts to the specific needs of each actor, each scenario and each role. Equipped with professional equipment, she also accompanies them for self-tapes. She created C-Me acting where she runs masterclasses in collaboration with directors and casting directors . She has animated film acting workshops at numerous schools including: Paris Sandy Meisner, Bilingual acting workshop, New York Film Academy, Blanche Salant. In 2022, she and several other coaches created iACT .

What This Training Will Do For You

Accent training

  • Learn techniques to improve your neutral British accent, including RP (received pronunciation)
  • Work on common stumbling points, in particular word stress* and sentence stress*
  • Master rhythm and fluency, to make yourself clear and understandable (which will improve your acting)

Acting Training

  • Better understanding of the challenges of a scene
  • Regular practice of acting techniques to create authentic characters
  • Improved improvisation and spontaneous acting skills
  • Regular practice in memorising dialogues and scenes in English
  • Fluency, flexibility and adaptability, thanks to work with different coaches
  • Tips and tricks for successful auditions and castings
  • The opportunity to work on your castings in class

You’ll gain a better command of the English accent, develop your acting skills in this language, and explore the relationship between accent and emotional expression.

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So many opportunities for exchange and encounters…

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Frequently Asked Questions

Consult our F.A.Q. to find the answer to your question.

All actors graduating from drama school OR with at least 5 years’ experience are eligible to apply.

Up to and including 12 Febuary 2024.

This training course is reserved for professional actors and actresses or those graduating from a drama school.
All information concerning the application form will be sent to you by email.

You will know that you have been selected following your interview with Christophe AVERLAN, unless he communicates any reservations to you if necessary.

If you are selected to take part in the next Accent & Acting Training in English session, you will be asked to pay a registration fee. Your registration will be confirmed on receipt of payment.

For 12 sessions,
The full price is €990 incl. VAT.
The “Early Bird” price is €790 incl. VAT.
The “Partner” price is €890 incl. VAT.

For 6 sessions,
The full price is €545 incl. VAT.
The “Early Bird” rate is €450 incl. VAT.
The “Partner” price is €495 incl. VAT.

The “Early Bird” rate as specified above is applicable until Febuary 14th, 2024, before midnight (Central European Time)

Please note: pre-registration does not constitute an application. On receipt of your pre-registration, you will receive an email detailing the steps to follow to finalize your registration.

The “Partner” rate applies to actors

  • Endorsed by one of the partners of the “ACCENT AND ACTING TRAINING” program. The list of partners can be found at the bottom of the page;
  • Having subscribed to the “ACCRED Discovery” or “Premium” from Médiane-Art&Com’. Note: the “Partner” rate does not apply if you have subscribed to the “ACCRED Monthly Discovery”;
  • To the paying members of Crew United.

Payment will be required once you have been selected. Only this payment will definitively secure your spot.

If you are a resident in France, or if you have an account in France, you will have the option to pay in 4 installments at no additional cost using PayPal (subject to PayPal’s approval).
Unfortunately, PayPal does not allow us to offer the 4-installment payment option to non-residents in France.
Please note that if payment is made by bank transfer, the full payment will be required.

The programme runs for 16 weeks, from the week of 6 November to the week of 16 February, with one lesson per week.

We have scheduled 16 classes so that you can be sure of being able to take part in 6 or 12 classes (depending on the package you choose), particularly if your timetable is unavailable.

No, your registration is only valid for 6 or 12 sessions, depending on the offer you have chosen.

We limit each course to a maximum of 12 participants. This allows us to guarantee personalised attention and a quality learning experience for everyone.

Classes will be taught exclusively in English.

Absolutely! Our coaches will work with you individually during the lessons and provide constructive feedback to help you progress in your accent and acting development.

For the moment, the schedule has not been set.
Once we have received and studied your applications, we will decide on the day(s) that suit the majority of candidates.
Yes, it will be every Tuesday.


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