Auditing your Communication Tools for the French Market Package / 3 hours

Your communication tools are your showcase, your calling card, and can differ from one country to another. But wherever they are, they define you, reflect who you are, pin you down, refresh your contacts’ memory, support your messaging, say much about you and help you get spotted by a casting director, director or agent. They also serve to convince them that you’re best for the role. And so it’s essential that these tools are available, up to date and consistent with your personality, your individuality and the actor you are.

Let’s take the time to audit your tools. Let’s review your CV, photos, website, demo reel, email signatures and social media and tailor them to you, the French market and your future contacts.

During these three hours of meetings, we cover the following points:

  • Your CV:
    Is it clear and legible, can the reader find all the information s/he might need at a glance?
  • Your photos:
    What do they show? How do they situate you? Do they ‘convey’ the message you want to share?
  • Your demo reel:
    What does it show? Is it consistent with who you are?
    Length, structure, relevance of the clips, impressions… everything will be carefully examined…
  • Email signature:
    Does it give your contacts the information they need about you?
  • Social media:
    Is your editorial line clear? What does it convey? What ‘messages’ are you sending out about yourself and who you are through social media? What could you improve?

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