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Monologue #1
Marty is a famous rock star in his/her dressing room, complaining to his/her road manager about the accommodations.

MARTY: Val, Val, this is catastrophic! Do you see what has been placed before us here? I can’t believe the disgrace. I said before we booked the place, before you made the phone calls to confirm our dates here, that there should be no green M&M’s in the fucking assortment. Do you see green M&M’s?? Say yes, Val. There are green M&M’s in the friggin’ dressing room. They’re like parasites! I’ve never been so outraged! Let me do the honor of describing your job again. You are required to oversee the finite details of what gets placed in our path at all times. I am not going to say this again. You should be ashamed. Now pick those little monsters out of there or the band doesn’t play. Jesus H. Christ! There you go, that’s much better. See, I can breathe easier now. Aahhhh…

Monologue #2
Cat is arguing with a roommate.

CAT: I am sick of the universe revolving around you! I seem to have no rights! I just ask that because of the condition of the place you do not bring anyone into it, and then I am maligned and totally disrespected! You twist and distort everything that I say. I don’t think that it is wise to have people in here with everything falling down! Is that too much to ask? I don’t want it. Right, wrong, insane, stupid, a dictator—all the million different things I am supposed to be! Forget all that. How about doing it just because I want it that way? How many things do I ask you to do because I just want them? How many?

Monologue #3
Lindsay is doing some damage control.

LINDSAY: So how long is this going to go on? Or do you plan never to speak to me again? Look, you know I have a big mouth. I don’t have a built-in filter. I wasn’t raised in gentile society. Where I come from you call it like you see it! And yeah, I’ll say it a thousand times, I think circumcision is a cruel and barbaric practice! Okay, so maybe I shouldn’t have said it just as the rabbi was about to start the process, but it did shake things up. Right. Your sister got like “Are you going to hurt my child?” Yeah, it hurts. Hey, hey, wait, where you going?

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